How to Add Spaces to Your Instagram Captions

Instagram captions are important. You're reaching potential clients, and you need to be presentable! Some of the most breathtaking content on Instagram comes from the words spoken within the caption.

But let me warn you: if a potential client is scrolling through their feed and come across your post, just to see the eyesore that is an unformatted caption.

They will keep scrolling.

So when you decide to write a more lengthy caption, impress your audience with a well formatted one!

Before I give you the Instagram spaces, please note these two tips:

1. Don't write directly in the Instagram app

When writing in the app, you can add beautiful paragraph spacing... but as soon as you hit the post button, you lose it all!

Trust me - open up the notes app on your phone and type it there. You can then copy and paste the finished copy directly into the app.

2. Take Out Extra Spaces

At the end of a sentence, instead of hitting "space" after the last full stop/sentence like you normally would, hit "enter" or "return." This will ensure that the invisible spaces, that you're about to add, work effectively.

Adding Instagram Spaces

Here is how you can add paragraph spacing into your Instagram captions:

1. Type your caption into notes

2. When you need to add a paragraph break, paste the following on the next line. The spaces are within the brackets, paste multiple times if you want to add more than one line break.

SPACES: [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

tip: if the spacing didn't work, try this:

Instagram text caption. hit return.

hit space bar. [PASTE BRACKETS]

3. Remove the brackets

4. Copy the whole caption and paste it into the Instagram app.

5. Hit post!

It's that easy.

If you write all of your captions in advance and don't want to keep flicking between your notes and Instagram, try scheduling in a tool like Tailwind. This is my preferred method and it has helped me so much with the aesthetics of my captions. The bonus is - you don't even need to add the invisible spaces because it automatically formats for you!

I hope you found this helpful. Tag me in your posts on Instagram so I can see your AESTHETIC captions: @_stefaniemadison

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Aesthetic and well formatted captions gain better engagement. Easily add paragraph spaces with this trick. |
Aesthetic and well formatted captions gain better engagement. Easily add paragraph spaces with this trick. |