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I love working as a Virtual Assistant because it helps me combine my love for people and creativity.

My job is more than just creating graphics and writing captions. I am here to encourage YOU! I know how hard it can be to start a business, or carry a workload that you’re not passionate about.

I am here to stand with you.

I am here to take on the jobs that you are finding overwhelming, and allow you to focus on the elements of your business that bring you joy.


Personality type?
I’m an INDP-T.


Where are you located?
On the sunny Gold Coast in Australia.


Go-to drink?
Almond Milk Latte.


Dream Holiday Destination?
Since I was little I’ve wanted to visit Paris. I’d also love to go to Japan and New York.


Fun Fact?
When I was 14 I created a Facebook page for Jennifer Lawrence that got over 13,000 before it was taken down.


Fave TV Show?
The Office, Community & Parks and Rec are on a rotation for me.


Fave Spotify Playlist?
It’s a weird mix, but it’s currently “hey this is cool”


Favourite Dessert?
Choc Mint Ice Cream. <3

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